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Unroll.Me is an app that allows you to unsubscribe from masses of spam emails directly from your account. All you have to do is link your account details up to the app and it'll automatically generate a list of each of your subscriptions, and put them up for review one by one. The way the app handles unsubscribing is simple: swipe left to delete, swipe right to keep.

Although Unroll.Me offers unique features to quickly delete your subscriptions, it's certainly not the only feature provided in this app. By using 'Roll Up', you'll get to pool together several subscriptions all at once, into one single email. That way, if there are few subscriptions that are particularly interesting, you won't miss out; instead you'll get to read them all in one spot thanks to Roll Up.

Unroll.Me is an extremely useful app. Streamline your inbox and clear out the clutter with this official app. That said, this app offers users exactly the same features on its website, neatly packaged into a mobile-friendly app version.
How to clear spam from your inbox with Unroll.Me

Let's be real here. The buildup of annoying spam in our email accounts is, for the most part, probably our own fault for not reading the fine print at the time of signing up for certain services (as if anybody has time for that). On the flip side, unsubscribing from endless newsletters and other periodic marketing emails that invade your inbox can be agonizing if you try to do it yourself. Luckily, there are tools like Unroll.Me that automate the process of blocking marketing emails from various sources. While we've been able to enjoy the service for a while now through its website, they've just released a handy dandy new app for Android.
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Android 5.0 or higher required